Adding nameservers via WHM

How to add name servers via WHM
Here are the detailed steps for you for adding the name servers using the WHM.

1. Login to WHM using “https://hostname/whm” or https://ip_of_the_server:2087
2. Once you will logged in search for the option DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone.
3. Select the domain name you want to use, and then click Edit.
4. For the two rows with the menu displaying NS, edit the right-most columns to ns1.your domain name. And ns2.your domain name. respectively.
Please note, you have to enter a “.” after your name server for working of the DNS properly.
5. Add first line in the section ‘Add New Entries Below this Line’ –
First field: Type ns1
Second field: Type 14400
Third field: Select A
Fourth field: Enter your server’s IP address (that is IP address associated with the name server ns1.)
Similarly, add the record for ns2 entry
6. Save.

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