Sometimes it is necessary to test new functions on your Joomla website, and it is a bit tedious, it could have complications and damage the website. Therefore in this article I’ll show how to create a clone of your Joomla website using Softaculous. Follow these steps: –

  1. Log into your cPanel. and go to the section “Software and Services”, click on “Softaculous”: –


2. Being inside Softaculous, in the left menu click Portals / CMS -> Joomla:


3. Then it will show the different options you can do with Joomla using Softaculous, the bottom it shows the current installations. To start the process of cloning / duplicate your joomla website, click on the icon of cloning:


4. In the form of cloning, it displays information about the web page you want to clone. Enter the clone installation details that will have the cloned website:


And that is! With the help of Softaculous duplicate a website Joomla is very easy.

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