Don’t you hate having to remember so many usernames and passwords?

In cPanel & WHM version 54, we added the External Authentication feature, which allows system administrators to grant users the ability to link credentials at OpenID authentication providers to their cPanel accounts. So, if the user is currently authenticated to an external provider that they’ve linked to their cPanel account, they can click on the provider’s button on the login interface to automatically log in to cPanel.

One click, and you’re in.

The following video link demonstrates the sample Facebook authentication provider module:

System administrators can select and configure the authentication providers, and they can manage user credentials in case of a security issue.

Currently, the feature allows cPanel users the ability to authenticate with cPanelID, which are the credentials that Manage2, cPanel Store, and our ticket system uses. Your server will automatically configure the cPanelID authentication provider when you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 54.

The cPanelID authentication will allow smoother integration with cPanel support tickets, the cPanel Store, and other features.

If you do not already have a cPanelID, you can register at

You can also add your own provider to the server’s configuration. We provide information in our SDK that documents how to create a module and the relevant API calls to use to connect the module to the provider. We also include several sample authentication provider modules as examples for developers.

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