users The term “user” comes up a lot on the web, referring to customers, visitors, software purchasers and other people on the “client-side” of server-client interactions. This article looks at a few different types of users you may encounter in operating your WebHostingWorld.Net account, and how to keep them happy.

How to Set Up a New WHM User

Web Hosting Management, or WHM for short, is the interface available to our Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server users for managing their own customers in Reseller Hosting accounts. It makes managing multiple accounts easier and faster. Keep in mind that our Shared Hosting customers, while they’re awesome, don’t have access to WHM as part of their WebHostingWorld package.

You will always need to make a new cPanel user in WHM before your customer can access their portion of the server. Begin, as we often do, by logging into your WHM.

Now you’re going to head to the Account Functions section in WHM and click Create a New Account. Now fill in the the Domain Information portion, using the settings for the new cPanel user. You’ll have to assign a package to the account. But there will only be one to choose from (we try to make things easy).

How to Create FTP Users

You may need to create FTP users for customers or their clients, and luckily it’s not a difficult process. Go to the FTP section in your Control Panel and fill in the form title Create New FTP Account. Assign a username to the account and create a password with at least six characters, one letter, one digit and one punctuation character. Click “Create FTP User.”

Manage MySQL Users

MySQL is a powerful database management platform. You can accomplish a great deal with even the basic commands. And once again, like FTP management, this feature is available to users of any WebHostingWorld hosting package.

Please refer “Creating-MySQL-Database-and-User” article for more details…

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