We all have maintenance items that we put off.  Like getting a physical, changing the oil in your car, or updating your website’s theme.  You know these are important things to do.  But, they are not fun, take time out of our schedule, or seem like daunting tasks to do yourself.

But, ask yourself…

“When was the last time I did a backup for my website?”

When was the last time I updated my WordPress, my Theme, or my plugins?

Can you remember?  If not, you might need some help!

Why is it important to update WordPress?

Like any software, Developers release updated versions to provide cool new features or to fix known bugs.    WordPress, its themes and plugins are no different.   Updated versions can protect the security of your website and can keep your plugins and themes functioning properly providing a stable and secure version of the software.

If you get behind on updates, you run the potential of “breaking” things when you do finally update causing the need to restore from a backup (which we already established, you can’t remember when was the last time you did one) or causing the need for a designer to come to your rescue to repair.   Extra time and expense you were probably not planning.  Not fun…

I know what you are thinking…you get it, you understand, but you still don’t want to mess with it.   OK, let us help!

WordPress is a great CMS!  They are going to continue to work hard to provide its user with a reliable platform, improved features and prevent potential bugs.  But, you have to do your part as a website owner to keep WordPress, your themes and plugins up to date.

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