It’s time to connect your account via shell. If you have VPS account, you get a privilege to access your account via SSH.
In this article we will show you, how to connect your server via SSH.

Step 1. To connect your account via SSH you will need to download Putty which can be done via link Putty download

Step 2. Open Putty, fill out the Hostname or IP Address field with your Hostname(eg. or IP Address. In port field, put 1891.

Step 3. Click on the Open button to proceed further.


Step 4. You will see a black Screen which is called Command Line Window, you will be asked for the SSH username at the login as prompt. Type “root” and then press Enter on your keyboard.


Step 5. Now on the next step, you will also be asked for the SSH password. Type it in and then press Enter on your keyboard. (You can simply copy from welcome email and right click on shell)


Step 6. Congratulations!! You are now successfully logged into your VPS server using SSH access. πŸ™‚


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