Did you know that an increase in profit of at least 25 percent coincides with a retention rate of at least 5 percent of a company’s existing customers? There is a multitude of data, such as customer retention figures that further supports the significance of the issue. Sadly, a large number of business owners are so preoccupied with making new purchases that they ignore this important consideration. This also applies to companies that provide reseller hosting. To what group do you belong? If the answer is yes, then you are passing up many opportunities to increase revenue at a reduced cost, and you are also passing up opportunities to optimize your return on investment (ROI). The good news is that retaining more of your existing customers isn’t as difficult as it used to be. You already have customers who have bought from you; they are customers who are familiar with both you and the things you sell. You can easily persuade them to make another purchase from you with very little work on your part. The following are nine tactics that can help reseller hosting companies improve their customer retention rate and increase the value of their customers over their lifetime.

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Establish a customer appreciation campaign:

This is a tried-and-true strategy that has been shown to enhance the percentage of returning customers. You need to provide your customers with some incentives to continue doing business with you. Developing a customer loyalty program will be of great assistance to you in achieving this goal. Provide your customers with some free samples of your products. Provide them with a value that increases over time each time they interact with your product or brand, as well as each time they buy something from you. For instance, whenever a customer renews their hosting subscription, you should provide them with further savings. Give them discounts whenever they upgrade to a plan that is on a higher tier, especially when they do so. Motivate them to carry out the actions.

Delightful Surprises and Satisfaction

For a customer’s birthday, for example, you could send them a gift card redeemable for merchandise on a well-known online marketplace. If it’s Christmas, you should gift them a scarf for the cold. If it’s Cyber Monday, their plan should have an additional six months of validity added to it. The strategy of surprising and delighting customers is one of the most powerful tools for retaining existing customers and growing a brand. Obviously, doing so will need you to expend resources. However, the results make this expense far more worthwhile than it would have been otherwise. In the event that money is tight for you, the best course of action would be to prioritize clients that make large payments. Your customers will have a better overall experience as a result of this S&D, and as a result, they will remain loyal to your brand for a very long time.

Publish a regular newsletter once a week.

This email has a dual purpose in mind for its readers. First, sending these emails to your customers will increase communication between your brand and individual customers, which is nearly vital in the context that we are currently operating in. (A solid connection between the two parties will assist in increasing both the loyalty and retention of customers.) Second, web hosting is a vast industry that encompasses a multitude of both technical and business-related facets. There is a steep learning curve involved. Your consumers require assistance in order to overcome this learning curve. It will be very advantageous to them if you send them instructional content via scheduled emails. Therefore, you should start a weekly newsletter. Send your consumers regular emails that are interesting, informative, and useful.

Launch advertising efforts directed at them on social media.

When your clients joined up for your cheap linux reseller hosting plan, they provided information about themselves, including their name, email address, and phone number. Utilize this database to conduct advertising campaigns targeted towards these clients via social media. Make yourself known to them on networks that are relevant such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, by posting interesting adverts there. Inform them about the latest discounts, add-ons, whitepapers, and other offerings that are available. The purpose here is to reacquaint yourself with your current clientele in order to pursue either an upsell or a renewal.

A Program for Making Referrals

Referral programs are used by some of the most successful brands in the world to increase consumer engagement and loyalty. The obvious advantage of doing this is that it will result in more acquisitions for you. In addition to that, it also improves one’s capacity to retain information. You might, for instance, devise a referral scheme in which, for each new customer that an existing one of your customers brings in, the latter receives free add-ons or additional discounts. This can increase client engagement with your brand, which in turn encourages customers to continue using your company’s reseller hosting services. Therefore, you should bring everyone on your team together and devise an effective referral program that is financially feasible for your company.

Increase the amount of attention you give to your customers.

If you take hours or days to answer a customer’s e-mails and messages, you cannot expect that customer to continue doing business with you. If you provide them with assistance and support that is of a low enough level, they will leave as well. Therefore, improving your customer care solution is absolutely necessary if you want to see an increase in the percentage of customers that stick with your best reseller hosting plan. First, you need to hire the correct personnel, and then you need to train them properly. Make it a priority for your customer service team to provide everyone who contacts them with a prompt and positive interaction every time. The likelihood of the clients renewing their reseller hosting plan increases in proportion to the level of contentment they express regarding this interaction

A content approach centered on retaining users

There is no question that you require a committed content marketing strategy that is built around the retention of customers. On the other hand, the vast majority of people who own businesses utterly disregard this. Don’t make the same mistake as them! Develop a content plan with the primary goal of increasing engagement among your current clientele. To begin, as the best reseller web hosting provider available, you may educate them about web hosting by demonstrating how they can make the most of their hosting package and increase their profits. You have the ability to write guidelines on how to solve problems. You can create blog posts that explain to your customers how they can build amazing websites and get more visitors. It is possible to produce, disseminate, and market a wide variety of different kinds of material. Do it! You may increase the level of engagement that occurs between your brand and its customers by publishing blog posts, videos, and infographics. This, in turn, can help you keep more of your existing customers.

Make use of the potential of individualized solutions

Personalization is among the most effective conversion rate optimization strategies. It also has the potential to raise the percentage of repeat customers. Therefore, rather than sending customers generic emails, personalize the ones you send to them. Make an effort to get to know your consumers by name. Personalizing your communication with someone by tailoring it to their demographics and other data factors will make whatever you say to them seem friendlier and more pertinent. In addition, if you are aware of the particular difficulty that each of your customers is experiencing, you should make an effort to assist them. To summarize, if you personalize your interactions with clients, you will notice an increase in the percentage of customers that continue to do business with you.

Put your attention on creating your brand.

No matter whether part of the sales funnel we’re discussing, the importance of the brand cannot be overstated. If a company is well-known and trusted, customers are more likely to return to do business with them and engage with the brand, as opposed to a company that is less well-known and less trusted. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to continue working toward the development of your brand’s presence, reputation, and trust value at all times. Maintain your commitment to investing in your brand. Make it a priority to ensure that your clients take pride in doing business with you.


These nine successful techniques can help you increase the percentage of customers that remain loyal to your brand and maximize your returns. Start taking the appropriate actions today, and go forward with confidence to become the greatest and most cheap Linux reseller hosting business that your clients will trust and promote.