Many factors, including routine maintenance, can turn away visitors to your website. Users are more likely to return to your website if they know what’s going on if you’re constantly updating it. Adding maintenance mode plugins to your website will let your visitors know what’s going on, when they should check back, and where they can get more information. There are plenty of great options! Putting your site and pages in maintenance mode is a simple way to alert visitors that your site needs attention.

In addition to the free WordPress plugins, paid WordPress plugins may be used to create a visual barrier between visitors to your website and the work you’re doing to develop or improve it. Coming soon or maintenance pages are what they are known as. They can help you make your website look more presentable. They can also let you capture information from visitors and engage with them via social media while your website is under construction.

Here are the five finest WordPress plugins currently available that allow you to put your website into maintenance or to come soon mode while you work on it from the back end of things.

1. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Top 5 Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is highly customizable and includes a countdown feature.


  • Insert a company logo.
  • Includes a Meta description and title for SEO.
  • Connect to your social media accounts

Customization, such as font color, size, and position, are all advantages. You’ll also need to upgrade to the pro version of this plugin if you want to add a countdown box, progress bar, or mailing list sign-up form. On the other hand, coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is a great option for quickly creating a splash page that directs visitors to your social media accounts.


2. Under Construction

Top 5 Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress

Under Construction Page is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create maintenance easily or a coming soon page without the need for any technical expertise. You can get a maintenance mode up and running in minutes by simply selecting a theme, linking social media accounts, and entering a few facts about the page. As a result, rather than displaying an empty page or exposing mistakes to your visitors, you can present them with a landing page that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you want to put the site into construction mode or take it out of construction mode when you are finished with the job, the plugin allows you to control everything with a single button click. With the end date and time selected, you can leave the rest of the work to the plugin and focus on more essential topics on the site.

You do not need to be a programmer or a designer to make this work. Under Construction Page provides you with a selection of dozens of excellent themes from which to choose. All you have to do is choose one from the list. On the other hand, if you enjoy personalized pages, you can always customize the entire maintenance page to your preferences. Include CSS code below the theme, and you will have a bespoke page specific to your site.

Social icons can be added to your social media profiles simply by setting unique URLs for each account. Contact information should be included; therefore, use the other icons to provide email addresses and telephone numbers.

You can easily write a few phrases about the page under construction using a basic WordPress editor. Inform your visitors of the situation, express regret for the inability to access the main site, or provide them with a photo or video instead. There is no need to be concerned about how your page will look in search engine results because this section is completely SEO-friendly. This is an absolute must-have feature when developing a coming soon page that will likely remain online for several weeks.

The ability to restrict access to the normal site for selected people can be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse. Any user or user role can be included on the whitelist. Because of this, some of them will not be impacted by the maintenance page that you’re putting up. Instead, they can continue working on the site as if nothing had happened. Choose a role or enter a username in the appropriate field.

3. Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Top 5 Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress

Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode has a very sleek and modern maintenance page option that you can choose from if you want. Visitors can still see your splash page, but search engines can still find your website even if it’s hidden from them.


Full-responsive: This is one of the main features.

Add the logo and header to the top of the page. Then add the text, an opt-in form, and custom code to the bottom of the page. Make sure that Analytics is installed on your site so that you can see what people do when they visit.

  • Expand existing subscriber lists with the API from MailChimp.
  • Add a logo, favicon, and background image to your site.
  • A content overlay is an option.
  • Multiple ways to write text (color, size, positioning, etc.)
  • Style the opt-in form to meet your needs (color, text size, button size, etc.)
  • Add your HTML or CSS.

With this plugin, you can make your maintenance page look and feel unique. It’s also very sleek and sexy. A little warning, though: If you’re using a plugin like Stealth Login Page that lets you make a custom WordPress login URL, be sure to put that URL in when you’re setting up the Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin. The general wp-admin URL won’t work when your website is in maintenance mode. This means that you might not get into your website because it won’t work.

4. Rocket Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon Page 

Top 5 Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress

You might like the Rocket Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon Page plugin if you want a simple way to add coming soon and maintenance pages to your site.

When you use this simple plugin, you can quickly add a coming soon, maintenance mode, or under construction page to your website in no time at all. And you can make changes to these pages with a tool that looks like a computer screen. You can add a custom logo, change the background color and text color, and do more with this app.

Better still, you can put a progress bar or a countdown timer on your site to keep your visitors up to date. As a bonus, the plugin comes with built-in integration with MailChimp, so you can get people’s emails when they visit your coming soon pages.

The main things:

  • It has an option to set the favicon.
  • Change the title and sub-title.
  • Set the SEO title for each page.
  • Social icons can be found.

As soon as you’re ready, you can turn on/off maintenance mode.

5. Maintenance Mode by Dazzler

Top 5 Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress

It’s time for Maintenance Mode by Dazzler to wrap things up for this list. The best thing about the plugin is that it gives your site a simple, responsive, and modern look. Many panel options make it easy to set up and change how things look. It has a lot of high-tech features that are also very good.

Similarly, it allows you to change the page descriptions, coming soon page title, SEO title, Google Analytics script, and more. It is also fully optimized, so you can expect the page to run faster.

The main things:

  • YouTube video background
  • Built with the Bootstrap framework. You can control SEO and subscriber management.
  • Linked to four social profiles.
  • Pages can be easily turned on and off.

Final words-

If your pages are unavailable or your website is still under construction, you should install one of these plugins. Your visitors can be reminded to check back soon, and you can present them with an eye-catching visual experience while also linking them to your social media outlets and gathering email addresses. Even if you’re working on a large website revamp, your visitors will still be impressed and engaged.